EPI speedy 35?

  1. Actually, the Epi speedy in the current blue color (blanking out on what it's called) only comes in a 25. I know this for a fact, since I bought one from the LV boutique last week. 30 comes in red, black and brown, and I'm clueless about the 35. I saw the EBay blue 30 and got a little chuckle. Now I can point my finger and say fake!
  2. I checked LV's website- NO epi Speedy 35's of any color! They would have it- IF they made it!
  3. Yeah! Myrtille is only in 25, thanks for remind me that. I dunno is our local store still have some OLD stock of EPI line. Will check it out later. Thanks a lot!
  4. the blue color is myrtile. and no 35. it only comes in 25
  5. I think the blue Epi speedy color is called blueberry
  6. Yep, the blue only comes in the 25. I suppose if someone wanted the 35, they could get it SOed.