Epi Speedy 35 Borneo Green, Do you like it?

  1. Congrats! I love this size! Great deal!
  2. Great bag and color. I think you made a great purchase.
  3. Great purchase!

    I stopped and looked at it myself, even though it wasn't even closely related to what I was looking for.

    Congrats! :yes:
  4. Thanks Twinkle, Florida and BabyPop! This was an impulse buy and I was starting to have doubts, thanks again for your reassurance!
  5. Great Purchase.
  6. I LOVE the green. great choice and price!!
  7. It's hot! So striking, and such a beautiful shade of green. I saw that auction, and my finger would have given that BIN button a good ol' poking too had I the funds for it. :amuse:

    Oh, but the price you got it for is brilliant! Can't go wrong. If you change your mind later, you'll easily recoup that and more by placing it back on eBay. :smile:
  8. OMG! i cant believe i missed that! iv been searching for one for months!
  9. Its a great buy, hard to find and come by, well done!x
  10. very nice!

    I may get one for my daugter as well
  11. gorgeous and nice price.
  12. Congrats, I love the color, great size and amazing deal!
  13. it's one of my fave colors ever. and the best size + style!