epi speedy 30

  1. I'm getting a red epi speedy and can't decide on the size. Does anyone have a pic of them with the 30? I did a search, but couldn't find anything. I like big bags, but am a little worried that this might be too big?

    What's the general opinion on the 25 vs. the 30 in epi?
  2. check out visuals thread, speedy gonzales club, epi club, sexy red club..you will find some pics there I think..

    I have 25 in red..I think it's perfect size for me. I prefer something small for bright color. In general speedy in epi seems larger than canvas speedy. Epi speedy 25 size is between mono/damier speedy 25 and 30..
  3. I think the 25 looks much better
  4. I like the 25.
  5. Def. the 25, the 30 is large.
  6. I have the black speedy epi 30 and love it!
    its large, but I love large bags and I have gotten more complements from that bag then any other bag I own.
    I am 5'4 and size 12 and 51 years old.I loooooooove it in black, but the red color is also fabulous. Its a bag worthy of a lifetime of use.

    I'm going to get the red alma one day............
  7. i have the 25, i prefer the size to the 30. the 25 is also larger in epi, so it's in between the 25 and the 30 in mono.
  8. The 30 is large, I was looking at a 25 and 30 yesterday in the store. I think I perfer the size and ratio of the 25 better, but I also like the 30. Think of the 25 in epi as more of a 27.5 and the 30 as a 32.5 when comparing them to the mono/damier lines. Epi speedies do run larger.
  9. me like the 30 me love bigger bags
  10. I like the 25 better.:yes: