Epi Speedy 30...new Price???

  1. I heard that on tomorrow the price will go down to $890 for a 30, is this true? :confused1:
  2. Someone said they purchased one for that price today and I don't think they are lying. So, I am thinking yes!
  3. Huh??? Prices go down...on a Epi????:wtf:
  4. That's why I can't see any epi Speedy 30 on Elux now...

  5. well, at least not everything is going up!:yahoo:
  6. Yup the Alma goes up from 1040 to 1090 and the speedy 30 goes from like 935 to 890.

    Today mine came out to like 960 something with tax:smile:
  7. It's such a great news!
  8. Definitely!!

    I do wonder though why certain things go down and not others. Like why would Speedy go down and Alma go up??
  9. I do see alot of people carrying the alma...
  10. going down? I thought prices were going up?
    What on earth is going on?:sos:
  11. I have no idea but the prices haven't changed yet on elux?
  12. Well, I will be contacting eLux customer support as soon as they open - I just purchased an Epi Speedy 25 less than 2 weeks ago. Today's price is $45 less than what I paid originally and I will be inquiring as to whether they will give me that credit outright or make me return the original bag and repurchase at the new price. Anyone else in the same situation?
  13. heidi_g- please post what you find out, I purchased an Epi Speedy 25 on 10/18 so I am in the same boat. Lots of stores will do credits in these situations, but I haven't a clue whether elux will. Thanks!
  14. Yes, I am upset too, I purchased two epi speedy 25s over the last two months and now they have lowered them $45 each. I will be calling LV this morning too.