Epi speedy 30 and 35. Discontinued??

  1. Hi, heard from some that this has been discontinued! Is that true?? If so, I'm absolutely gutted as I've adored the epi range for years and am kicking myself for holding out on buying the speedy in it.

    Any verification on this intel??

  2. My SA have told me that it is discontinued :sad:
  3. But in the website, they still display it and Speedy 30 is 905 Euro,
  4. I was in Paris last week and they too told me that the Epi Speedy range has been discontinued. If I remember the SA telling me correctly, this was discontinued since February 2012. Disappointed but I got myself the Damier Ebene 25 and the Idylle 35 in Fuschia (the pink one, I think this is the name of the colour??).