Epi Speedy 25

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  1. I just bought my 2nd LV, an epi speedy 25 in black! Unfortunately, it already has a small crease on one side at one of the ends near the zipper, from when I tried to remove the paper and other cardboard inserts.

    I love it, though, and I'm wondering how I can help it to keep its shape, since I don't use it everyday. It seems stiff enough and I ordered a small purseket for it, so will it be fine just in the dust bag? I also put a piece of stiff cardboard on the bottom.

    My first LV bag, which I bought in April 2004, is a mono petit bucket!
  2. Unfortunately, the creases are unavoidable with epi.
    Please do show or tell how the purseket fit your speedy 25.
  3. I have an EPI Speedy in blue and the creases are unavoidable. I'm wondering if the pursekets are really that great? I would love to see a pictures of it in someone's bag.
  4. Thank you both so much for telling me that the creases are unavoidable. You have no idea how worried I was until I told myself that it's still a beautiful bag and I should enjoy it!

    I will absolutely take pics of the purseket inside the bag and post them here. The cardboard at the bottom really helps, too.

    I was so surprised to see how large the Speedy 30 was. Black is a popular color, apparently, since the flagship store on 57th and 5th in NYC was out of them!
  5. congrats on your new bag!!! :smile:
  6. I have a Epi Speedy 25 in black too. :smile: It has a crease in the middle of the zipper (I tend to just stick my hand in there to get something in a hurry). It's a great bag & really doesn't sag so you might not need the cardboard on the bottom. Since I'm not using mine at the moment, I stuffed mine w/ a small towel to keep it's shape.

    Enjoy it! :smile:
  7. I stuff all the bags which I store with old cotton t-shirts to keep the shape. It seems to wotk.
  8. I got the small Purseket today and I would definitely recommend the medium for an epi speedy 25. The small one didn't fit all the way around and it left 3 sides really structured and one side (the side with the 2 pockets) alone. I ordered the medium Purseket instead and put the small Purseket in my LV petit bucket bag, where it fit perfectly!

    I'll post pictures of both bags when I get the medium one. I could have kept the small one in there but I didn't want to overuse the two pockets that are inside the bag, in case one side got more use than the other (the pockets are pretty tight on mine and I don't want the bag to eventually look lopsided). The purseket is great, though, and I know I'll use the both of them for a long time!
  9. I have a Speedy 30 in monogram canvas. My husband made an insert for the bottom of the bag with plexiglass and sanded down the edges. Now the bag does not sag. I stuff the bag with cotton towels when I store it to keep its shape.
  10. What a great hubby! I should ask m dad to do that for me. :smile:
  11. Someone needs to do a side business selling those to us speedy owners!
  12. Janos614: I know!!!

    KAT: Tell your hubby to patent that and sell the idea to LV!
  13. Funny you should say that ... my husband said he could go into business ..... lol:P
  14. I would seriously buy one. It beats having cardboard at the bottom!
  15. Oh really ? I'd buy it.. just as soon as I get my speedy ! :amuse: