epi speedy 25 - why am I not thrilled?

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  1. I just received my black/silver epi speedy 25 from Elux and I'm not sure how I feel about it. This is my first LV (my mom was an LV fan, and I guess it's taken me 40+ years to grow up enough to stop avoiding my mom's tastes :shame:smile:.

    For one thing, this is the "soft" epi leather - wow, if this is softer than the older epi leather, the older type must be really stiff because this is pretty stiff. It does hold my Toshiba Libretto laptop (a bit of a squeeze to get it through the opening) plus my normal purse accoutrements, so that's a good thing.

    It did come nicely boxed with a ginormous cardboard insert to keep the bag's shape and an appropriately sized flap-type dustbag (referring to another thread :amuse:).

    This sounds weird, but I guess I'm just not as enthused as I'd hoped I'd be by this bag. I'm sort of hoping it'll grow on me, since I do generally like the shape and size. Am I being too critical or weird?

    (Side note: I really dislike FedEx Home Delivery. Fortunately I didn't have any meetings scheduled for today so I could stay at home to receive the package. Otherwise, they don't hold for pickup and wouldn't honor a signature release for this particular delivery.)
  2. No, not weird at all. I am always under the firm belief that if you aren't truly 100% enamored by it, then return it and get something else you think you'll use more. Sometimes, it just takes seeing it IRL to know if you really like it or not. Sometimes bags can look different from eluxury than IRL.
  3. Go with your gut. I know that sometimes I see bags online and I am ready to buy it, then I go look at in RL and get totally bummed. I had picked out the Epi Jasmine in Manderine and went to the LV store to purchase and didnt get it because it was to small for me. Boy was I bummed out. I had that puppy all planned out. If you are not thrilled send it back. The next bag that will thrill you will be just around the corner.
    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  4. Yes, not weird at all. If you're not convinced, then move onto the next one. I have realized after several times that when I buy something and one small thing about it bothers me, it never goes away and I end up not using it. If I questioned anything about the bag, such as "Hmm...maybe it's a bit too small" or if I ask my husband "Is this color really better?"...the fact that I even had the slightest doubt already confirms that I'm not 100% happy. I end up returning it eventually b/c whatever bothered me the first time never goes away.
  5. Thanks so much for your thoughts on this, ladies!

    I started feeling better about the speedy once I had my things in it and was driving to the office. I kept looking at it and thinking, "Hey, that's a cute looking bag."

    So maybe it's going to be okay after all. :smile: Thanks very, very much to all of you!
  6. Do what you feel is right.
  7. If you do not LOVE the bag you should consider returning it so you can get another bag that you can be excited about.
  8. Funny. I bought the Epi Speedy 25 this week, too, and am having a time adjusting. The negative, well you already know. The positive I love the compliments I've received from people in the know, and I love that the coffee I splattered on it (sigh, the story of my life) wiped right off. It's an adjustment, but every day I'm more and more pleased with my purchase. Hang in there for the window of time before you can't return it and see what you think.

    I agree with you about the annoyance of having to sign for the package. BYW that's just ELux's policy, Saks doesn't require signature.
  9. Ditto to what all the women said. If you don't LOVE it, get your $ back and put it towards another bag that you will LOVE.
  10. ITA with all the lovely ladies above!!! Get the bag you REALLY like!