epi speedy 25 vs. 30, red vs. black

  1. I just checked and both the epi speedy 25 and 30 are on eluxury in red and black. I know that the 25 runs a little big, but my question is how much bigger is the 30? Would you guys recommend the 25 or 30 and in red or black? Also, they call the the 30 "epi soft speedy"-what does that mean? Thanks.
  2. I have the red epi speedy 25 and I think it's a great size. It's a tad bigger than the Mono Speedy 25. I haven't used her yet. The leather smells so good!! You just got to get one in red. The color is beautiful!!
  3. Yes I agree epi in red is stunning. I also have 25 in red. I think Irene and other ladies can help you out for speedy 30 . Because it's bright color, I prefer 25 than 30.
  4. that's a good point. I'm just worried about the red not matching what I wear, and if I, a student, am spending almost $900, I want to be able to carry it all of the time. I ordered the damier speedy 30 a few days ago, because even though I sometimes prefer epi, it wasn't available. So, I guess out of the possibilities I've listed above, including a damier speedy 30, which would you choose?
  5. Well that's hard:sad: ...I also have damier speedy 30..

    Epi is very durable..but if you want to have something to be carried everyday,worry free plus cheaper, get damier speedy 30. Epi 30 in black is also good choice IMO.
  6. Red Epi is gorgeous, but I'd get the Speedy 25 in black. It's more versatile :yes:
  7. ARGH....I'm going thru this myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it in RED. I'm also trying to decide size.

    I have 3 speedies in the 30 (but they're canvas...so a bit smaller in size than the epi speedies.

    From bagsnbags pics of size comparison I think the 25 would be better...but them I'm like she pointed out...it being red/bright...I'm not sure about the 30. Maybe the 25 would be best. I remember vaguely when I was at LV a few wks. ago that the epi 25 was a bit bigger than my cerise (that's the one I was carrying at the time). I remember telling the SA, "This is the 25??" Hmm..I remember liking the size, never looked at the epi 30. Being it's a bit bigger than the reg. canvas speedy..I don't want it to look too big. I think I'm leaning towards the 25. But also the opening on the epi 25 seemed a bit stiff/tight...I mentioned that to the SA and she told me w/ use it would be easier to open. Hmm??

  8. The opening is little bit tighter than canvas speedy but it gets easier eventually. I don't carry red everyday, this bag only for "cheer me up" bag.

    The best way is trying it on..
  9. I'm starting to thing that a black epi speedy 25 would be best, but it's not on eluxury-only red.
  10. ^ maybe you can order it via telephone?
  11. Anyone have pics of themselves modeling the Red Epi Speedy 30??? I ck'd the "visual aids" thread...I seen the pic of Viconmodel's red 25...(Very cute!!!)

    I just want to compare both sizes with someone wearing the 30 in red. I seen some celebrities w/ the 30 in mandarin. But it's hard to imagine a red 30.

    Anyone have any 30 red speedy pics?!??!?!?!?!? TIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Your Red Epi 25 is gorgeous!!!!:love:

    I would recommend the Red Epi 25 because I think it's just a beautiful color and the proportion looks wonderful. :yes:
  13. I only have a pic of me (5'8") with my mandarin epi 30 (which is actually almost 35"):
    epi1.JPG epi size.jpg
  14. That is tough, I love them all! I have the Damier Speedy 30 and I use it everyday, but the red Epi is TDF!
  15. I say go for the red! It's such a pretty color. I say 25 is also a good size.