Epi speedy 25...question..anyone have it?

  1. Just wondering if you ladies have the epi speedy in 25? how u like yours and what color do you have it in? Also, could you please post pix of it someone wearing it? i wonder how small or big is it? thx
  2. i LOVE my lavender speedy :heart: it is a tad bigger than a mono/damier 25 and does not sag.
  3. I have a black speedy and I love it.
    It is my absolut favourite bag!
  4. I have a black 25 with silver hardware and love it. It is a little heavier than the mono, and I do notice that difference, but it's a great bag. Maybe I overload mine a little since I notice it sags a tiny bit where the handles attach. Maybe more like the zipper turns in a bit (when unzipped) - anyone know what I mean? But that doesn't make me love it any less!
  5. I have a red speedy 25. The size is a little bit bigger than the mono speedy 25 and smaller than mono 30.
  6. I used to have the vanilla speedy but I already sold it to get the cerise speedy. It's a great bag though.
  7. I have a myrtille one, absolutely love it. The size is perfect for me. Here´s an old pic of me wearing it.

    BTW Ichelle, LOVE your bag!
  8. aww thank you nola :tender: yours is fab too!
  9. Nola and Ichelle, your bags look great on you guys!
    I have a red epi 25. I also have a mono 30. The epi Speedys IMO are nicer in the 25 size. I tried a red 30 on but it really looked big ... probably because of the bright color. I wear my epi Speedy often. My mono Speedy never really sees the light of day.
  10. thank you ladies for your posting.....i recently got a used lv epi yellow speedy, but i havne' received it yet...i'm just afraid yellow is a bit too bright..thx again
  11. i don't yet have this bag, but I really want it in black and ivory.
  12. I *had* a green one but recently sold it. Loved the color (love green epi!) but decided a 25 was just too small for me and that I really prefer shoulder bags rather than hand-helds.
  13. I have a red 25 & a mandarin 30, have to say the 25 is a perfect size.
    tamarin, I posted pics in another thread about the way epi's kind of cave in between the handles, it's really slight & doesn't look bad to me.
  14. You are such a cutie.:love:
  15. Don't have one, but I'd get it in Black or Red