Epi speedy 25 owners

  1. Hi,

    I posted this in the 'Authenticate' thread, so I'm sorry for posting it in a new thread, it's just I've only bought this and there's just one little thing nagging at me, that I'd like to seek clarification for :P

    I bought the epi speedy in 25 from a renowned eBay powerseller that many of you seem to have bought from, so I normally wouldn't doubt its authenticity. However, the bag seems a little bigger than what I remember from the boutique - I'm not an expert though, so I'm not too sure :girlsigh:

    The measurements on eLuxury and in other eBay auctions are 10" x 7", but mine is 11" width (measured from the base) and 7.5" height (measured from the side). Everything else on the bag is exactly as it's supposed to be - markings, date code etc down to every last detail. I've also received an authentic bag previously from this seller as well.

    If it's not too much trouble, could someone please provide me with measurements of their own epi speedy 25, to give me peace of mind? ;)

    Again, please excuse my ignorance and thanks in advance for your help! :heart:
  2. Mine is the same size as yours & I got it at the LV in SCP, so those are the right sizes.
  3. Epi speedies run bigger than mono speedies.:yes: Don't worry!:flowers:
  4. :yes: Your measurements look good. The measurements for the epi are definitely off on e-luxury!
  5. Here is a picture of my speedies. You can see that the Epi is bigger then the cerises [​IMG]