EPI Speedy 25 or 30?

  1. I hear it's hard to get into the 25 because of the zipper being small-do you agree? Is the 30 easier? Do you think the 30 is HUGE? Also, is the mandarin color is still available...it shows the swatch on the LV website but not on elux?? THX!
  2. mandarine is discontinued but you might be lucking and find one.
    Keep in mind the epi speedy 25 is the size of the mono/damier speedy 30. the epi tend to run a little bigger.
  3. I'd go with the 30. 25 is too hard to get into IMO.
  4. I have the 25 in toledo blue and wish the opening was a bit bigger, other than that, the size is perfect!
  5. My epi speedy is significantly bigger than my mono speedy (both 25). Keep in mind epi is thick leather so gets a lot heavier than canvas when it's full. The zipper doesn't bother me much-- I'd be afraid to fill up an epi 30 to carry because I walk everywhere (NYC).
  6. I think it is hard to get into because it keeps it's shape better. The zipper stays closer together on the epi as compared to the regular monogram. It is a stiffer canvas.. kind of like the bedford to the papillon.
  7. *I* think the 30 is huge, my stuff just sloshes around inside. I worry that it will get wrinkles because it isn't full enough but a light magazine in the bottom helps support the whole bag somehow. I have trouble getting into the 30 too, the fabric is stiff. I hold one handle, lift the bag and that opens the bag up nicely.

    Hope you can find mandarin, wonderful color!
  8. I really like 25. my favorite size speedy, perfect for my height 5'1".
  9. A 25 is the right size for me.
  10. the 30 is better 12x8 I think....we need a side by side comparison....