epi speedy 25 or 30???

  1. i'm 5' 4" aounr 115 lbs. do you guys think the epi speedy 25 or 30 is better size for me??? thank you.
  2. 25.
    the epi speedies run a tad bigger than their mono brothers and sisters of the same size. you are a relatively small person and the 25 is a very becoming and accomodating size.
  3. I think 25..and it's already big enough to hold a lot!
  4. 25 but 30 is perfect, too. It's larger around 5-7 cm only than 25.
  5. the 30!
  6. I'm about the same size as you and love my blue epi speedy 25- it's slightly larger than my mono 25- I think the 30 on me would look too big.
    Can you get to a boutique to try them on ?
  7. i Just Bought My Blk Epi Speedy 25 And It Is Beyon D Perfect I Am Obsessed!!!!!!!!

    You Will Love The 25!!!!!!!

    Its Almost The Size Of A Mono Speedy 30 And It Is Soooooooooooooo Cute And Sophisticated And Lovely I Am In Love Ohhh!

    Pix Tomorrow!
  8. oh yea, i am 5'1" and about 110 lbs
  9. Yes, please do provide picture...thanks ;)

  10. I think you should go for the 25.
  11. Id go for the 25.
  12. just got out of work, almost 5am. will take pix and post tomorrow for sure!