Epi Speedy 25 Need Advice!!

  1. I recently purchased a Epi Speedy 25 and noticed it sags and dimples on the sides. Should I put a lot of things in it to keep it full or put very little? Also I want to take it out to a club outing do you think its too big??? Thanks for the help!
  2. Mine was horribly out of shape the first couple of days, I put a rectangular piece of transparent plastic at the bottom to stop it from sagging and it is fine now, so I would advise you to wait.

    I Love LV Epi Speedy 25 but I would not take it out clubbing, too big.
  3. i wouldn't take any large, designer bag out to clubs or bars for this reason only:
    i made the mistake of taking a medium sized bag out to the martini bar last holiday, and some jealous waitress vandalized my LV w/ black permanent marker (about 1.5 inch line on the vachetta) while it was on my shoulder - she must have done it while walking by. too bad i didn't bring a clutch, otherwise she would have never been able to mark up my bag w/out me feeling it.
    so, with all that said, i would consider buying a clutch to take out in the evenings, and save your new epi for "safer" environments.
    one of these days, i'll post pictures of what that waitress did to my first LV!!!!!!!
  4. What color is your epi sCongrats on your new LV!!! What color is your speedy? If it is black, I wouldn't worry too much about vandalism... but I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you hawaii. What an awful story. The reason I wouldn't take such a big bag clubbing is I just wouldn't be able to dance properly if I had to carry a bag in my hand -- I like small things I can put over my shoulder (pochette), or just a wallet or wristlet. If you don't mind dancing and spending the night with a larger bag, then rock it!!
  5. OMG, That is one shady a** waitress!! But I have to agree, no large bags to clubs or bars. Plus, a speedy in one hand and a cocktail in the other while dancing seems like a lot of work!:p

  6. I've often seen the comment on this forum that the more you put in them, the better they look. Also a lot of people swear by a layer of plastic or cardboard in the bottom, either home made or the kind you can buy on eBay, to help them keep their shape.

    My clubbing daze are over but if they weren't I'd probably be a bit annoyed that LV don't do more in the way of wristlets. Where are all the cute little wristlets in epi, vernis, silver and gold suhali? :confused1:
  7. I take both my 25s out to clubs/ bars. If I didn't I would never use them at all. But I don't go dancing very much. I don't stuff my Epi.

    I'd recommend getting a mini accessories pouch and using the gold chain as a wristlet-- it's pretty easy to hold on to when you're dancing!
  8. Buy a purseket...it helps with the sag on the bottom and the sinking/bulging on the sides.
  9. I'd definitely think a Speedy 25 would be too big for a club/bar. Why not get a pochette or mini pochette for that?
  10. Thank everyone for the help!!!! Any one have any tips on how to make the dimples in between the handles go away? The cardboad helps with the bottom but the sides still go in...Thanks again
  11. Here is the only pic I have of it so far. More to come. Originally I thought it would be smaller like the mono 25 but when I received it it was larger(I ordered it At Elux) I'm going to try it out to the club since it is extremely smaller than all my Gucci bags (My first Louis) So I will let u know how it goes!!!

  12. it looks great on you! congrats!
  13. epi is pretty durable. but it seems a bit big to take out.