Epi Speedy 25 in Lilac!

  1. I've posted this on LV shopping, but I just wanted to make sure noone misses it. It looks like it's in perfect condition!

    It's on Let-Trade!
    Too bad I'm on a ban...and am saving my $
    SOMEONE GET THIS!...and post pics...so they can be drooled over
  3. I saw it and it is GORGEOUS!!!
  4. what's let trade? can someone please post a link? lilac is my color! lol
  5. Sorry folks...didn't realize someone already posted "New Items on Let-Trade." :shame:

  6. oooh that's pretty, purple is my favorite color..and any shade of it! OMG I really wanna get it buy they have a white mc trouville too!
  7. oh no it's too darn spency!
  8. Wow pretty color.
  9. oh my god this is exactly what I have been looking for!! If I hadn't just bought myself the Chanel Luxury Flap... I would totally get this bag in a heartbeat... decisions decisons...
  10. is it gone?
  11. sold yesterday!