Epi Speedy 25 in Blueberry anyone?

  1. Hi, anyone has a epi speedy 25 in blueberry. Saw one yesterday and love the colour but not sure should I get it. I am afraid it may be difficult to match with my clothing. I usually wears black. I heard blueberry has been discontinued in the boutique, I saw it in a reputable 2nd hand shop. Any opinion please?:confused1:
  2. I'd stick with black.
  3. I already have a epi segur mm in black, thought of getting the speedy in another colour.
  4. I already have a epi segur mm in black, thought of getting another colour instead.
  5. i'm guessing the blueberry you're referring to is the myrtille? it's a really pretty color and great with jeans, neutral colors etc. if you already own a black epi, then go for something w/ color. the myrtille is neutral enough to go w/ a ton of things!
  6. If you wear mostly black then the blue would just pop out and make your outfit stand out even more. Good Luck!
  7. That's right! I will go quickly and get it before others grab it. Thanks. :love:
  8. Don't forget to post modelling pictures....
  9. I think its gorgeous and I'd definitely pick it up. Navy/blueberry is a neutral color. It would be great with a work suit, jeans, a classic camel trench, and it would be amazing with white or ivory! I don't think the color is limiting at all.
  10. I would love to own a Myrtille Speedy....
  11. That is such a pretty color!
  12. I agree with Nakolulu too. Hope ya get it and can't wait for you to post pics!
  13. I finally got it over the weekend and am very glad that I did. Though I find speedy 25 a bit small for me but I simply love the colour. Too bad my camera is currently down, hopefully I will get it fix soon so that I can post some pictures.
  14. I like the color,its different but cute,i dont like black epi,its too strict for my taste.
  15. love blue, get it!