EPI SPEEDY 25, I need information and pictures and help..again!

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  1. I´m sorry to bother you all again, but tomorrow i´m making my final decision about my order and i think i will order
    -black mc bandeau
    -love bandeau
    -black epi 25
    -batignolles regular..

    i´m only having doubts about that speedy..i would like to see pics how big/small is that size 25 in your hand etc?
    and is epi a good material?

    my other choice is damier azur 25, but i really REALLY need a basic black bag.

    thanks again!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Epi is beautiful. I'm carrying my Epi black speedy 25 today. I think it's wonderful. It is a tiny bit larger than a mono speedy 25 but I can't really tell unless they are side by side.
  4. here's my black epi, it's an old pic and a pic beside my mono speedy. i'm 5'2''

    epi speedy.jpg

  5. get the EPI speedy, you will not be disappointed with it.
  6. thank you so much!!!
  7. yes, epi speedies are a bit larger than mono/damier.
  8. Please check the photo visual aid thread in Louis Vuitton Reference Section. Also you can check the "Epi Clubhouse". There are lots of pics of Epi Speedy 25. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.