EPI Soufflot

  1. What does everyone think about the Soufflot? I like it simply because you can dress-it-up and vice versa.
  2. I love it. Several TPFers here have it and it's so cute. I love it in the ivorie color.
  3. I've never been a fan of epi until I saw a woman with a red epi soufflot. It was soooo beautiful and now I want one!!! I do have to say that I've always been partial to the shape (have the pap 26). I've never looked at the bag at the Boutique but I will be doing so soon!!!
  4. oh..this bag is gorgeous..look under the clubhouse for pap and soufflot, you will see many gorgeous pics of that bag..love it!!
  5. I like it.It's classy.
  6. i like it.
  7. I love my mandarin soufflot. Yes, It can be very dressy or casual. It is one of my favorites. It holds many items.
  8. it is a pretty bag, you can really wear it for all occasions.
  9. I love the unique style of it. I have a mandarin soufflot.
  10. it's a very unique style and goes well with jeans or a suit.
  11. It's on my wishlist!
  12. Gorgeous! Love it in mandarin. Would buy it in ivorie.
  13. i really love it in the Ivorie color
  14. I have one in ivoire and I love it! It can definitely be dressed up or down.
  15. I think its a fabulous shape that can go either way (dressy or casual). Something about a barrell bag gets me everytime. So CUTE!