Epi Soufflot vs. Epi Jasmin... or maybe Alma?

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  1. I'm trying to choose an epi bag, but not sure which style to go with. jasmin and alma are handheld and i'd probably get either or in black. but the soufflot caught my eye, b/c i don't have a shape like it (no i don't have a papillon), and the jasmin seems too long and pointy at the ends. i like the alma, but is it too big???

    Please help! which do you like better? in what colors?
  2. I loooove the Epi Soufflot. I have it in Black, but I have to say that the Red is gorgeous!!!!:drool:
  3. I bought the black epi jasmin. I don't think it's too long at all. It's a very flattering bag in person. The only drawback to it is that I can't fit everything I usually carry. But I intend to use it for special evenings and events where I don't need to carry a lot. They're all so pretty. I think the soufflot is really cute and so different from the other styles. I love love love the red epi. That is definitely on my list. Red and black are beautiful. I don't know if I like the moka, but they all have the silver hardware now.
  4. I say soufflot as well! It looks great in black, red or mandarin!:yes:
  5. I love the sufflot.. its a nice size but the alma is a fave of mine too..
  6. i like the black epi alma. noirprincess tried it on in store. she is 5'2" and the alma didn't look big on her at all!
  7. Personally, I like the alma in black epi and the jasmin in red.
  8. a couple more questions...

    does the soufflot fit more than the jasmin?

    can the soufflot fit over a shoulder with a winter coat, or does it stay a handheld? how does it look handheld?

    which of the three styles do you consider too mature looking? i'm 30 but my look tends to stay informal since i recently became a stay at home mom. thx
  9. I have both the soufflot and jasmin. For me, the soufflot fits more than the jasmin. I cannot carry the soufflot on my shoulder. (I wear an extra large if that helps and I am 5'11". So, my soufflot is hand-held with no problems. I do not think any of these styles would be considered too mature, and I am 43 years old.
  10. are the handles on the soufflot comfortable?

    do they soften with time as i see from the pic that they are thinner and flatter? i like the way the soufflot looks.

    is the zip only opened from one side (it's not a double zip like the alma)?
  11. It might help if you go to store and give them a try. Personally i have Jasmine in Mandarin b/c i love the elegant shape, Soufflot seems to have one zip pull only, but do think about you might have to squeeze them a bit for your arm to be close to your body, if not you will have to extend your arm out in the air a bit, or have it 'tuck' behind your arm(but then things can be shifted around), I do not own an Alma, but it's also a classic staple of LV. Have you consider Pont-Neuf? to me it's like a combo of Alma and Jasmine (square w/round corners).

    Anyway, those are just personal opinion, it's really what you feel fits your lifestyle and what you like to most, bottom line-you just can't go wrong w/classic EPI! ^_<
  12. Soufflot would be my first pick, alma my last.

    I hardly ever say I don't like a bag....but I do not like the alma.
  13. i love the Jasmin. the shape is so pretty! the shape of the Alma bugs me, and the Soufflot doesn't look as good as the Papillon or Bedford