Epi soufflot or jasmin

  1. Any thoughts on these bags? Is the soufflot too rounded and hard to carry under your arm. Any pics appreciated. Do you know if they make them in the brown?
  2. I don't see either one as a comfy shoulder bag (neither is) but both are really pretty. It's a coin toss for me. I would prob. get a Jasmin.
  3. My red epi souflott is fine carried on my shoulder (I never carry it by its handles although you can). I have a pic of it in the Bag Showcase subforum under the Goldensx5 Assorted Collections pics if you want to see it (though I am not wearing it to show that). The jasmin is hand held only. So between the two, I guess it would be what style you prefer. I thought they used to make them in mocha but don't know if it is available in that color anymore (the LV website doesn't list it as availabel in that color).
  4. Yeah that's what I thought. On elux, there's a pic on the mannequin's shoulder but it looks kind of strange. I saw on the vuitton site, they have the epi speedy 25 in mocha, do you think I can buy that in the US?
  5. Goldensx5, I saw your epi soufflot. What an amazing collection. I think I wouldn't be able to sleep at night with those bags, I'd stay up and stare at them all night!
  6. Between the two, I like the Jasmin.
  7. i like soufflot better. its not hard to carry on your shoulder--thats how i often carry mine. i tried on epi speedy, jasmin and soufflot when i bought it and i thought that the soufflot looked the best. but thats only my opinion..hehe :P

    pics..i have pics on some thread...but its old so ill just attach them again for you :yes: :upsidedown: :lol:
    DSC03205.JPG DSC03207.JPG DSC03209.JPG DSC03210.JPG DSC03211.JPG
  8. Personally, I prefer the shape of the jasmin more. Even though the sufflot is larger and will be able to carry more, the shape really doesn't do it for me (the little pouch that comes with it is adorable though !). Go jasmin !
  9. Both are very pretty but like what ayla said, the shape of the jasmin is more appealing.
  10. You're sweet. Thank you! I hope you get the bag of your "dreams"! :flowers: Please let us know what you decide.
  11. I like the soufflot & the baby it comes with. The Jasmine was a little stiffer/more difficult to get into for me.
  12. I love the Jasmin..it's a gorgeous shape and is really different. I rarely see anyone with that style; I have the Mandarin and I think the only other one I've seen was in red.
  13. I like the Jasmin but I think the Soufflot fits under the arm better..

  14. I got a soufflot back in May and I love it. It's not hard to carry on the arm at all- I do it in a piggyback way or just on the shoulder. If it's not full, though, it can squish a little, but it resumes its shape immediately once the pressure of your arm is off the bag.

    I'm saving for a jasmin, though, in red. It's gorgeous, too. Sorry I'm no t much help!
  15. I love jasmin. The shape is really elegant. Compare to speedy, I thought the bag open up better.

    The shape is abit stiff to do casual. But if you get a fun colour like mandarin...should be ok.