Epi Soufflot - lookin' for the good, bad, and ugly of the bag.

  1. For epi soufflot owners I'd like to know your thoughts on the bag. Is it easy to carry over the shoulder? Do you find it scratches easily?

    I checked out the epi lockit at the store and found a few scratches on it...I don't want to spend over a grand on a bag that will show knicks super easily.

    In addition, I was thinking of either black or red...black is definitely classic, but do you think the soufflot would look super sexy/impressive in red?

    Funny enough the soufflot never really struck me as a potential purchase, but after taking another look at it on-line (too bad i didn't figure this out before I went to the boutique this weekend) it may be my purchase for '08.

    So what are your thoughts on the soufflot???
  2. i have the black epi sufflot...I don't wear it as much only b/c it doesn't shout the label *lol..i'm being pretty vain right now but I'm using all my monogram bags that shout louis*. When i went on a 4 day shopping trip this summer this was the bag of my choice b/c 1) no vachetta = no worries 2) good shoulder bag - might have to do the one handle trick otherwise you'll squash it between your arm and body 3) looks good hand held or worn on the crook of your arm 4) fits a whole lot especially if you hook the baby soufflot on the outside handles 5) baby soufflot holds tons of stuff too, I was amazed at how much I can fit in there 6) zipper opens pretty wide.

    I got mine 2nd hand and there were a couple of minor scratches around the bottom of the bag not sure how it got there, but when I went shopping I kept bumping into stuff and was surprised that there weren't any additional scratches that showed up. I should use this bag more. LOL>
  3. epi is a stronger material. nomade would be the most delicate and would show scratches b4 even vernis,,,
  4. It's OK. I'm not a fan of it....I prefer the speedy in epi or the alma.
  5. I'd definitely suggest you purchase the Red Soufflot! I have it and it's sexy and fun. Besides a Balenciaga, LV's red handbags are the only red handbags I will purchase. IMO their red is very classy. Any other brand looks tacky to me. Well, except for Hermes...but that's a fantasy of mine.

    I must say that if you are used to a comfy shoulder bag, this bag will not fit comfortably between your arm and body if you are wearing a heavy coat or something thick and bulky. But that's fine...it still really easy to carry on the crook of your arm.
  6. I think it would look super in red. I love my black but red is stunning!!
  7. Thanks for starting this thread, I just got one and hope I made the right choice. I have a question too:

    How do the handles hold up, they feel very stiff and delicate when i hold the bag
  8. There is no ugliness with the Soufflot and its a classic! If you want a bag you can use often then go for the black, if you have plenty of black bags and other LV then go for the red. The soufflot is easy to get in and out of because the zipper goes down both ends allowing it easy to get ones belongings out. The EPI leather holds up really well, black especially! It will fit on the shoulder if you have a small frame; otherwise it is an arm type bag. Let us know what you decide!
  9. I think it is a beautiful bag; I hope LV makes it in the new purple!
  10. yes def...:yes:
    I got the black one I really love that bag. but if I have a chance to change it I probably get the red one... imazing..:drool:
  11. The Soufflot is definitely more of a hand carry styled bag. I own the Soufflot in the newer red color and it's one of my favorite LV bags. I like carrying the Soufflot when I'm wearing jeans. To be quite honest though, I've never used the small cosmetic/accessory bag that came with the Soufflot. Usually, I'm always in a rush when changing hand bags and don't want to bother with changing out my accessories as well.
  12. Good questions OP, I was wondering the same things. I'm concidering the soufflot too...looks so beautiful!
    Just adding a question, maybe someone can help; I'm 5.1" would it look to big on me? (Background info: I have a speedy 25 and 30, and the 30 looks a bit too big on me)
  13. I love the Soufflot! I own it in both Borneo Green and Cipango Gold. When I carry it on the shoulder, I cross one strap over the other and then just wear the one strap on my shoulder. I find it to be very comfortable. And very durable. I would highly recommend one and I think the red would be very sexy!
  14. I love my mandarin soufflot. First, I have no problem finding items in it, and it is quite roomy. Secondly, I am a larger woman, so I am not able to carry it comfortably on my shoulder, but it is so light to hand carry it all day. I really like it, and in fact, I have been carrying mine for two weeks. Finally, I receive the most compliments on my soufflot.

  15. hmmm....so far i like what i'm hearing...unlike many tpf-ers, i won't be able to purchase this bag for a while...i think my next purchase (if any) will be Fall 2008. It's difficult because there's always new things coming out but I think the soufflot's a chic shape and i kinda like that it doesn't scream lv...yet those who are in the know, know...kwim?

    although red is super sexy do you think maybe as i get older i may feel silly wearing a red bag? this isn't to say that older women can't rock a red bag....but i'm currently 23, and when i'm 33 (probs with a couple of rugrats running around) i can see myself perhaps wishing i had a simple/classic black bag............then again, i can also see myself wanting to feel sexy on a night out after running after kids all day.:rolleyes:

    what are your thoughts about the bag lasting and suiting me in the future?

    As for the "baby" (what my mom and i affectionately call the accessories pouch) I would likely use it as a clutch on a night out. Again - although red would be a hot little ditty, black would be easier to pull off with different outfits.

    SadieB - I'm about 5'2 or 5'3...i've tried on the papillon, and I don't think it looks too big at all, so at 5'1, you'll likely find it to be the same...if you're close to an LV boutique, i suggest trying it on! And welcome to tpf!:tup: