Epi Soufflot Black Or Vernis Reade Pm Perle White??

  1. guys, i need help!!!:confused1: i can't pick what bag should i get... either a epi black soufflot or a vernis reade pm white?
  2. If you want something more everyday and versatile, go with the soufflot
  3. what is the bag for? everyday use?
  4. i have a perle reade pm. if youre willing to take care of it then get it. it's sooo high maintenance. i carry a white hanky to have it sit on wherever i go. wayy too sensitive to color transfers.
  5. I find the reade pm more beautiful but it really depends what you're gonna use it for.
  6. ummm any... can be everyday bag, for night out gimmicks and etc. ehehe! :smile:
  7. I'd get the Soufflot. As much as I love the Reade, I have to agree with evolkatie that it's really high maintenance. The Soufflot, especially in black Epi, is much more durable, especially since you can carry it out in the rain!
  8. i definitely prefer the epi soufflot sooo much more.
  9. Soufflot
  10. yeah i know.. my mom and sister has vernis bags and its sooo high maintenance but the reade perle is really nice.. im so :confused1:!!! hehehe.
  11. if i'll get the soufflot what color? black or red? i like the black better but my sister is also getting a epi black alma.. or is it okay that we're both getting a black bag? :smile:
  12. The epi will definitely last longer...and it's a year-round bag. I don't know about the conditions in the Philippines, but I'm afraid that humidity may ruin the Vernis faster. I would never, ever worry about an Epi bag, other than getting it scratched. But the Perle will be prone to colour transfers and will yellow much faster than the other colours...consider it carefully, Vernis doesn't come cheap!

    As for the soufflot...I prefer black just because I can't picture myself carrying a red bag. I usually carry black, white, pink and brown bags. So, I'm a little biased. I know a lot of TPFers LOVE the red epi though. And there is no problem buying the same colour bag...My sister and I bought the same bag but in different colours a few years ago!
  13. actually, i agree with you. that's what im thinking also and i also want a black bag. hehe! thanks so much!!! ;)
  14. I prefer the soufflot
  15. I love the reade, but is really small.