Epi SOFT speedy?

  1. nothing ... its epi speedy, more structure than mono or damier range speedy
  2. Good question.

    I have some noes that are the older stiffer epi leather and then I have some that are softer and wrinkle quicker.
    The softer one I have came out about 3 years ago ..I wonder if the speedy is that leather?
  3. hmm..i am quite sure they weren't called soft speedy b4?
  4. actually the epi leather in store currently all has softer epi leather compare to older generation, it has been a while they using soft epi
  5. Epi Speedy but with soft texture. Hard epi such vanilla. Soft epi such as red, black etc.
  6. hmm ... like i said, only recent few years epi leather is softer version, while in store there is still some left older epi leather ... i forgot when they started, but as far i know, most epi leather in store worldwide all softer epi, like they dont make anymore the older version, my guess the eluxury either mis-state the name or they simply have older version of epi leather
  7. :shrugs:
  8. the only difference i see is the price. the soft speedy is $50 more than the regular one. besides that, i don't know what the difference is. :shrugs:
  9. May it cause by some people prefer epi soft speedy?

    Hard epi easily to get crease. I think epi soft is the latest epi. Epi hard is the new version.
  10. to be honest, its not much difference in terms of leather

    the price is probably because of rarety matter
  11. Hmmm, I have a new Epi Speedy and the leather is quite THIN. Maybe the older epi leather was thicker and therefore harder?
  12. I'm interested in knowing the difference too.

    I would like to know which one is more desirable and which one more durable.

    Soft sounds desirable and stiff sounds durable but in the end it might just be the price. May be soft is cheaper?? I dunno, just throwing out some ideas.
  13. My old epi speedy is much more sturdy than my newer one... I have no idea, but I prefer the older one. =(