Epi Sergu MM, what color?

  1. I can't find lot posts about Sergu Mm bag here. Is it a versatile bag? What color is the best choice? Red or Blue?

    thanks a lot
  2. Do you mean the Segur? I think it's a pretty bag and it does seem to be versatile.
  3. Yes, my typo...it is Segur...I only saw the smaller size in store. Wondered whether it is too dressy for everyday bag since I wear jeans most of the time.

    Any owner of this bag? How do you like it?
  4. Hi Chloe,

    Yes, I own the Epi Segur MM in black and I love mine. I use it a lot for work but it's very vesatile bag and it looks good with jean too.
    Given the choice color of either Red or Blue, I think Red is hot and it's a very nice color for Segur. I needed a black bag that time and why I chose the black Segur. The large size has great room to put all your necessary and stuff for everyday and also easy shoulder bag to carry.
  5. Thank you thank you....I bought a black Epi Lussac already. SO I want a different color. I am going to order the red one then.:P
  6. OMG! You have to post pics with you carrying it!! I can't wait! The Red has to be really just hot! :love: :love: It also comes with the silver HW which makes it more casual but elegant! :love: :love:

    Congrats Chloe! Please post pics when you get this beauty! :biggrin: