Epi Segur PM...just for evening?

  1. Hi ladies,

    a month or so ago I bought the black segur, pm. I love this bag - it is a fabulous going out bag for me, not too small, not big at all.

    However, I have only used it at night - perhaps, this is due to me "babying" it - or that it can only be hand or crook of arm carried.

    Do you think that the segur pm can translate into day - or is best left as an evening bag (as the name of the bag suggests)?

    thanks - oh, I am using my paddy as my day bag (I toss it around and don't worry about it - it is very resiliant, and weighs less now that I use my epi Koala wallet instead of the paddy long wallet) ;)
  2. I love the segur pm!! I think it's great as an evening bag but I would personally wear it in the day if I wanted to just use a smaller bag. I think it's really classy looking.
  3. DH and I were just talking about this this morning. :biggrin: I am debating between the Segur PM and the Epi Speedy. (Actually I know I want both eventually, just which one to get next. ;) ) We agreed that the Segur would be great for both day and night. I'd love to get an Epi Koala wallet to match and DH said sure until I told him how much the wallet was. :lol:
  4. Thanks for the comments ladies. :flowers:

    I think I may carry it today and see how how it goes. :amuse:

    Crochetbella - I felt guilty buying the Koala wallet; it was more than half of the price of the purse...:blink: ....but, my large Chloe wallet would not have fit in the Segur PM along with a make-up bag, keys, and my sidekick.
  5. Don't feel guilty. It is sooooo pretty! I think the Epi Koala is a must if you have the Segur. I love to be matchy. :biggrin: Did you get the same color wallet as your bag?
    Also, I really want to get the Segur in black and then tie on an Hermes pocket square scarf. I think it would be cute for day-time? :amuse:
  6. That would be classy, the pocket square on the segur...I think the shape lends itself to an accessory like that.

    I bought the black koala and black segur pm at the same time. I am very happy with them.

  7. Do you have pics??:yes:
  8. Here is the pic that is in my Bag Showcase:
  9. *drools over segur and koala*

    Ahem.... :P I think that if you can fit what you normally carry comfortably in the segur and it doesn't bother you to carry it handheld constantly, then it can make the transition from day to night, and vice versa. Crochetbella made a very good suggestion with tying a scarf on the bag, maybe something in a bright color (Hermes zebras? :graucho: ).
  10. awesome!!
  11. I am thinking our zebras would look fantastic!!!!! :graucho: hehehe

    Loganz, your Segur and Koala are TDF! So beautiful. Between pics of your Segur and Cristina's Speedy I'm gonna be broke for sure. LOL
  12. Fabulase.