Epi Sarvanga

  1. i've noticed that not many people have the sarvanga, but i think its kinda cute.. what do you think ladies? i'm in the look out for a small messenger bag, and this one kinda caught my attention.. opinions please :nuts:
  2. Mmmm not sure what it is - Could you post a pic?
  3. I really like this bag, especially in mandarin. I have not seen it on eBay too much, but when I do...I love looking at it :smile:
  4. just googled it, id never seen it before but i think its a cute little bag. did LV stop making it?
  5. [​IMG]
  6. It's rly cute :smile:
  7. I like it a lot, would be fun for a night out!
  8. i agree with sociaite, the mandarin one was a beauty. i had it in my elux shopping cart for a long time.
  9. it's darling!! I"m assuming it's smaller, but it still looks like a great size - especially for traveling!! :smile:
  10. thanks bag fetish for the picture, it is a cute bag isnt it? i'm not sure if they come in other colour than mandarine.. i'd love one in red :yes:
  11. I think it is cute, but too small for me.
  12. Can it be worn cross body? I was looking at it on Elux, and I though it might nice for carrying just the essentials cross body.
  13. I really like it, it is so cute.
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about this.. I'd have to see it person, I don't think I've ever seen this !
  15. yeah i think you can use this accross the body.. i think its EPI version of the mussette.. probably a little smaller though.. :yes: