Epi Saint-Tropez bag?

  1. Your thoughts? Does anyone own one? I no longer see it on Elux...

  2. I saw it on Elux last week =)

    I wanted one for the longest time but it's so small, I don't carry a lot in the first place but I definitely can't hold anything in it =(
  3. ^^
    Yeah, that was my concern, too. The profile of this bag is so thin! I feel like my cell phone and wallet might create unslightly bulges.
  4. I had a black one and sold it. There is a similar style, the Croisette (which came in 2 sizes) that is wider.
  5. I looooooove the look and shape of the St. Tropez. I think it's so chic, especially in black.
  6. I have the St. Tropez. Its a nice, refined bag. I love the shape of it, you can acutally fit a fair bit in it, just not heavy things b/c of the fine straps. The bag is structured and I will usually carry my wallet, phone, camera and keys....its pretty much a tall epi pochette! Its my bf's favorite since he insisted to get it for me, he says its my most sophisticated looking bag since I tend to buy girly, younger bags. My biggest regret is I didn't get it in mandarin!
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