Epi Saint Jacques shopper - heavy?

  1. Looks like a big bag, and weight is an issue for me (and my back) - is this bag light or heavy when empty?

    Also, does anyone know the drop for the shopper w/ the long strap?

  2. I'm not sure what the drop is but its similar to the babylone, plenty long enough to fit your arm through comfortably and easy to put on your shoulder with one arm. I had one that was in quite used condition and I really liked it, it just bugged me that it had so many flaws. It is a great shopping bag and not heavy at all.
  3. I just tried this bag on...its light! :smile:
  4. Thanks for your reply! I'm actually worried that the straps are *too* long for me... I'm only 5'2", and I realize that I tend to like bags that I can "feel" under my arm, so I'm not sure if I'll like the shopper. Although, I'm willing to go a bit longer, as long as it's not so long that it bounces off my hips when I walk! Hope that makes sense...
  5. The straps aren't too long. I'm 5'5" and the bottom of the bag was at the top of my hip.
  6. Noo, not heavy. It's pretty light specially with long strap, you'd shoulder it during shopping :smile:
  7. I think it'd be pretty light..along the lines of the Ellipse shopper which is light also.