Epi Saint Jacques, opinions?

  1. How do you like this bag w/ the long strap and do you have any pics of it on?
  2. I have a red St Jacques Shopping. I also had a black one... I wish I had never let go of the black one... She was stunning! I like the St Jacques bags a lot because they are understated elegance to me. I love the Epi leather and the fact that they don't scream LV but people are going to compliment you on the bag because of it's shape. The St Jacques Shopping is the big one. It holds a lot and the straps are a nice length. (She's in a group shot)
  3. Very pretty! thanx!
  4. You are so welcome! And thank you. :wlae:
  5. I think it's a really pretty bag for the price. I don't have one but I think my mom likes this style..it's kind of reminiscent of her Ellipse shopper, IMO.
  6. i think its a great bag! I used to have one in yellow epi but decided to sell it for a more neutral color.
  7. I don't really like it. But I have to admit, I almost bought one - just because it was yellow Epi w/ purple lining, love the combo :love:
  8. I'm not really a fan of this shape, something about it just doesn't do it for me !
  9. I think the St Jacques looks more like the monogram Babylone than it does the Ellipse Shopper... I have the Ellipse Shopper too... It's much more round than the St Jacques. Both bags are cool though.
  10. True. But my mom just likes the wider bags..that's the widest she has so she likes it for that reason. Wide bags with long shoulder straps :yes:
  11. i have two st. jacques in epi lv. black and yellow. I love them both. i like to use the yellow in the summer and the black in winter! Great stylish bag!
  12. i have the yellow st jacques with short strap. i love it so much and same here, people always compliment the shape and look. it was bought in 1996 and till this day, the bag is still in mint condition.
  13. I think it looks very nice, but it's not "me".
  14. I used to think the shape is kinda weird especially at the base i.e. oval shape, but after looking how pretty it looks in yellow colour, I almost bought one, just because I like yellow epi and the bag looks like a very functional shoulder bag. My suggestion is if you have an LV store nearby, try it first and see whether you like the shape on you or not. ;)

  15. That's what I was going to say! lol.

    The Saint Jacques is a pretty bag. :smile: