Epi Saint Jacques is being discontinued!

  1. Today at LV, I asked for a red Epi Saint Jacques and my SA said that they only have black and that they are not making any more! :wtf:

    So with both Saint Jacques and the Lussac being discontinued, I hope they come out with a nice new epi shoulder bag!

  2. I hope so! I was sorely disappointed by the Turenne, in both sizes. I like the Saint Jacques but the straps seem a bit too lightweight for my comfort. I pack a lot of stuff without meaning to, so I hope the next bag is a bit sturdier.
  3. I don't like the Turenne either. Seems like there isn't much choice left for an epi shoulder bag with a zip closure. :sad:
  4. i don't remember but the st jacques that is currently in the store is in black and long straps, right? i bought mine 5 years back, in yellow and short straps, and i still love it. it used to come in so many colours and now epi is like narrowed down to a few strong colours.
  5. Saaad!

  6. Yup, my mom and I tried it on in the store last year. The last time I checked, Let-Trade has a set of four in different colors for sale if anyone wants to stock up :p.
  7. That sucks.
  8. Now thats buying LV in bulk! :p
  9. I thought they already were discontinued. It´s a cute bag.
  10. i had one but as big as it looks it actually doesn't fit as much as it should
  11. I emailed LT about those bags and he said he will sell them indiviually if you're only interested in one color.:smile:
  12. How much for one? :p
  13. Change it with bowling bag:idea:may be... Hope the lover of this bag will get it ASAP;)
  14. That is sad! I have one and :heart: it since it was my very first LV bought many years ago. I think it's shape is very unique.
  15. It was a good bag while it lasted!