Epi Riviera, red as regular handbag?

  1. Like this bag, even though it is suppose to be a cosmetic case, e-lux still has it with the gold hardware, which I like better than the silver...any thoughts?

  2. I actually tried this bag on tonight. In the red, no less! I like that the lining is washable. It's a really cute bag. I think it would make a fine day to day bag. I ended up buying the Jasmin, but this one was a contender. It has little elastic like bands inside to hold bottles and brushes and things. It's really pretty IRL.
  3. I like it! Very cute and business-y.
  4. its just a little too red for my taste, but it depends where you take it. overall i like it though.
  5. Oooh! I think it's really cute!:yes:
  6. Wow, thanks...did it have the gold or silver hardware? Maybe I can get it transfered in to see it in person.
  7. It's hot tbh :biggrin:
  8. I think it's adorable!! Go for it!! :graucho:
  9. I love it - think it is super cute!!:yes:
  10. Anything in red epi looks great!!
  11. It had the gold hardware. They didn't have one with the silver yet. I love my black epi jasmin with the silver hardware, but red looks so good with either color hardware. I think to finalize your decision, maybe you should consider which jewelry you wear more often---white gold or yellow gold. Red epi will be my next purchase sometime next year. I went with black for my first epi bag so I could carry it more often. If you get this bag, please post pics for us. Just wait until you see it IRL, it is really pretty.:yes:
  12. If you like it, get it! :yes: It's really nice!
  13. Thanks everyone, I am going to go look at it IRL, I will post pics if I get it ;)
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