Epi red Pochette: got it for my birthday, but should i exchange for monogram

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  1. hi ladies,
    i got a red pochette epi bag from my dh for my birthday...but now i'm thinking maybe i should exchange it for the regular monogram....bc it's easier to match and cheaper too....what u ladies think? thx
    btw, the red epi is the new one with silver hardware :smile:
  2. Go with what you love. If you aren't comfortable with keeping a red epi piece then go for the mono! Congrats and Happy B-Day!
  3. IMHO: I would go with the Monogram Canvas Pochette. It's a little bigger than the Epi Pochette.

    Congrats and happy b-day! ;)
  4. congrats, happy b-day. I would have done the same, much prefer the monogram
  5. is the monogram ochette bigger than the epi pochette? thanks
  6. ^^ yup

    If you like the Mono go with the Mono, but not because its cheaper........if you want you can go with Damier or Azur instead
  7. eLux Monogram Canvas Pochette dimensions: 8" L x 5" H
    eLux Epi Pochette dimensions: 9" L x 5" H

    Hmm... I always thought the Mono Canvas Pochette seemed to hold a bit more stuff than the Epi Pochette? :s
  8. I can tell you want the mono, so you should exchange for it. :yes: Get the Epi later if you want an alternate pochette, or specific color.
  9. I say exchange it for the mono. It sounds like that's what you really want....
  10. I'm gonna be different here....I say keep the epi. Red goes with so much, and it's more subtle than mono. Also, from the dimensions posted...it's bigger!
  11. ^^I like the epi, especially the red!
  12. I prefer the red epi pochette!
  13. I prefer the monogram. Get whichever one you want
  14. I like the epi in red. If it was me, I would keep since that is what your hubby got you.
  15. red epi is soooo pretty..but if you think mono is easier to match & you'll get more use out of it then exchange it