epi question


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Nov 3, 2006
i asked this on my thread about my new stuff and the epi thread but i think it got lost a little.

the new red agenda i got has a brown lv stamp on the front. the one i was going to exchange it for was red. what's the difference? which is better? i am so confused.
i was thinking that too.

also- does speedy get softer with age? i have a gigunda wallet (zippy groom organzier) and it's a little hard to get in and out of the zipper. but then agin it's only one day old. thanks!
Monogram speedy gets very soft with age, so does accesories in Monogram.. Jessica Simpsons speedys (the first celeb with a speedy that comes to mind.) are very soft after much use..

Epi Speedy tend to hold their shape much better (which I like..)