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  1. Is there a larger shoulder bag that comes in the Epi line? Kinda like a Cabas Mezzo or Saleya GM size?? Thanks!:yes:
  2. Segur MM? Lussac?
  3. Mandara GM is 12x16...
  4. Check out the "catalog" section under louisvuitton.com. Look under the bags and epi, you'll get a better idea of what's available. Eluxury has a pretty good offering, but they don't have all the styles...

    Also if your LV store doesn't have a bag on display, that doesn't mean they don't have it--always ask!
  5. Thanks!
  6. I recommend the Epi Passy GM, it's very big and roomy, and you can put your laptop in there as well & it can be a hand carried or shoulder bag :yes:
  7. The epi passy is really gorgeous. The only thing I am not loving about it is how the textured leather contrasts with the smooth leather at the top...I am weird, I know!!! LOL
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