epi question.

  1. should the epi noe have a smooth bottom or an epi bottom? iv looked at a few on eBay (im having an epi binge) and there are a few of both.

    label addict- i missed out on that speedy by £8.01, i could have cried.:crybaby:
  2. i thought id posted in the main LV forum, can a mod please move this.

  3. Oh no :crybaby:there'll be others

    I don't know the answer to your question maybeb PM H-addict she had loads so should be able to tell you if they are different for some sizes or colours
  4. I had the petite noe in lilac it had the epi bottom
  5. I think the Epi bottom was prominenent on the older colors but they've since changed it to the smooth bottom.
  6. I think they had epi at the bottom.
  7. i have an epi speedy
    it has the epi bottom.