Epi question.

  1. How long has the vanilla Epi been discontinued and do you guys think I can still track a vanilla Epi Soufflot down at the store? Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Vanilla Epi has been long gone in the store, you might want to check LetTrade, eBay (plz post in Auth. for ur own protection!). There is this new white 'Ivorie' in store if you want to get a 100% brand new one :yes:
  3. The vanilla was around in about 1992 to 1994 I think. Certain bags come up a few times a year so if you keep looking around eBay every so often, you just might find something. Though I've never seen a Soufflout in the Vanilla.
  4. Let-Trade had one a while back:


    The Ivorie color is very nice also but the Vanilla has more of a yellow undertone. Not too sure if you've seen the new Ivorie, here's a picture of it:

  5. ^^ Thanks for the pic Michelle! Oddly enough, that's the first one I've seen...I usually see Jasmins or Speedys.
  6. You definitely will not find a vanilla soufflot in stores. Check Let-trade and eBay as others said. Good luck, vanilla is so pretty!!!! :smile:
  7. The only place I've seen them is on LT. Hehe.