Epi PTI or Zippy?


Black Epi PTI or Zippy?

  1. Black PTI wallet

  2. Black Zippy wallet

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  1. Hi tPF'ers! I'm new here. For the last few weeks I've been lurking around here (muahaha :graucho: ), but now I need your opinions!

    For Valentine's Day, my bf got me a black Epi PTI wallet, but I've been wanting a black Epi Zippy wallet. I already have a mono French wallet (which I love), and I wanted something larger to match my Epi Alma. Should I keep the PTI or exchange it for the Zippy, which is what I've been eyeing for awhile?

    Which looks nicer? Which is more practical? Any input from you experts would be appreciated! :yes:
  2. This is a hard decision because I honestly like both. I plan to buy the zippy wallet next so I guess I will say that.
  3. I like the zippy.
  4. I like the zippy better, I love wallets that zip! :p
  5. I like the zippy better because it has more compartments, a zipped coin pocket, and more credit card slots. Plus it keeps everything from falling out. It also seems more convenient to me when I need to get stuff out of it. When I had my Epi myrtille PTI, I didn't know how to hold it to get my stuff out without having to set it down on a flat surface because it opens up too wide --- if you get my meaning. It was frustrating for me.

    With the zippy wallet, all I had to do was zip open the wallet, hold it in one hand, and rifle through it with my other hand.

    If you've been eyeing the zippy wallet, you would probably be happier with it than the PTI! Good luck with your decision! BTW, you have a super BF!!
  6. i like a zippy wallet. love the fact that it zips and everything stays in it.
  7. I love my new zippy wallet! I've had both - I also didn't like how the PTI folded down so long when you opened it - didn't seem secure to me. I love the ease of the zippy.
  8. zippy.
  9. Black Zippy! It's so convinient!
  10. Definitely the zippy. I have it in vernis framboise and :heart: :heart: it! :yes: Best wallet I've ever had!:love:
  11. I now have 3 different LV zippy wallets, as well as a Ludlow, and 2 Koalas and the zippys are by far my favorite especially the newer ones with more credit card slots. They hold everything, and can be used as a clutch - my old moto razr and my new moto q fit perfectly.
  12. definitely the zippy! ;)