EPI problems! HELP!

  1. My epi soufflot is sooo easily scratchable.. that is the least of my problems tho, the baby soufflot/cosmetic thing that comes with it has the handle splitting in two!!! Its like two pieces of leather or glued together, and now it has completely come apart. I am trying to crazy glue it, but am so upset. Shouldnt the quality be better than this!? :sad:
  2. They are glued together,bring it into LV and let them glue it....
  3. Sorry to hear about your problems. I am carrying my mandarin soufflot this week, so I think I will go check it.....Good luck.
  4. that's horrible! i'm so sorry. take it to LV, don't try to fix it yourself, and have them give you a quote on the fix. good luck.
  5. I'm so sorry.

    The same thing is happening to my Damier make-up pouch. However, it's about 9 years old... gotta take it to LV.

    Good luck to both of us!
  6. my strap to my black epi pochette is also coming apart. So I guess it is common
  7. Sorry to hear that. Take it back to LV. They'll fix it for you.
  8. If it's new-er they probably won't charge you to fix it.