Epi Precautions

  1. As a lot of you all know I'll soon be a proud new owner of a Vanilla Epi Jasmin :yes:

    Now, it's pretty widely-known that epi is pretty much weather proof...however, are there some certain things that I SHOULDN'T do with my epi?

    ie. Uh, store it unstuffed, hence causing the material to bend and crease? (Does creased epi leather look very serious?) Or...color transfers? (Especially with vanilla.) Or...don't use Apple Guard?

    Any tips from epi owners would be greatly appreciated! :wlae:
  2. Just leave it as is, don't treat it..but just avoid flailing your hands around if you have a pen in them, like you would with any bag. Then you shouldn't have any problems. :smile:
  3. and don't scrape it against brick walls or anything cement!
  4. I had some color transfer from my jeans to the mandarin, so I would watch out for that--I think someone else had this happen, too. The leather wasn't the problem (wipes clean), but the threads are difficult to clean.
  5. Ok--so the jeans' dye comes off the leather, but just not the threads?
  6. yes, it seemed to come right off the leather, but I still haven't figured out how to get the threads clean--I tried woolite on a q-tip, but it didn't really help. I'm going to take it to the boutique to see if they can clean it for me.

    It's really subtle--my sister couldn't even really see it--but it bugs me! (I'm too picky, I guess)
  7. I'll stuff it if unuse just in case. Epi do crease and can form wrinkles:sweatdrop: But Jasmin is more structured so this might not be a problem.
  8. Oh ya the Jasmin is super structured! No need to worry about it becoming misshapen. ;)
  9. The SA at Valley Fair told me to condition the epi leather to keep it from drying out and cracking. She mentioned something about using the same condition that you would use to condition a baseball glove.
  10. i have the epi maderin speedy and the only issue i have is the creasing. everything else is fine with it..