Epi Porte Document Voyage in Black

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just got back from LV shopping this afternoon. Saw this really sleek Epi Porte Document Voyage and I had to buy it. >.<;;

    I can't be bothered to upload my pics here as I have uploaded it to my website. Click here to view the photos.

    Anyway... my SA then reminded me again about the store opening at the end of this month in Beijing, and she told me I can bring my friends along! So anyone wants to come along? :graucho:

    BTW, my SA told me that there will be quite a few famous people coming such as Zhang Zi Yi - the actress from Memoirs of Geisha, House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, etc.

    It's just happen that I'm a fan of her, so it's perfect! LOL! BTW... is it too weird if I come up to her and ask for her signature during the event? LOL!
  2. congrats on your new briefcase! i LOVE Zi Yi :drool: but i won't ask for an autograph - just have your photo taken with her :graucho: and be the envy of me at least.
  3. Congrats!
    Ooh sounds fun,
    Get a picture instead of autograph!
    Have fun!
  4. Aww.. this is sooo adorable.

    And I'd come along in a heartbeat, if I wasn't halfway across the world !
  5. Congrats on a classy briefcase - really nice! And^^^ I agree - a picture would be sooo cool!
  6. Congrats and have a great time.
  7. :huh::huh:H, sounds like it'd be quite the happening party. Have fun! and love the Epi..
  8. Very nice bag! I looked at one in NY but decided against it...I think it would look really awesome in Red or Mandarin!

  9. thanks all for the comments. i think mandarin would look great too but maybe a bit too bright for me.
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Have fun...but no autograph...that is very crass.
  12. Ooohhh! That is really nice! Very classy!
  13. Such a lovely and mature piece! Congrats and have fun!
  14. Oh that's awesome!!! Take a pic of Zi Yi for me!! :biggrin:

    Congrats on the new hot purchase. :tup:
  15. Wow I love it, looks great. Congrats!