Epi Pont Neuf

  1. I've seen a girl (20s) in my office building carrying the black pont-neuf and she always looks so cute wearing it. i've seen her wear it with dresses and today she's in laid back wear (black tank, jeans, sandals). i keep meaning to ask her if she can fit all she needs in the back and how she likes the opening b/c it has the zipper style of the alma.

    does anyone else own this style? after seeing her with it, the pont neuf is starting to grow on me.
  2. I'm 27 and I *almost* bought the pont neuf over the epi speedy 25 when I was 26, but the saleswoman patiently watched as I made my choice and then told me, as she was ringing it up, that the pont neuf was a little too "old" for someone my age. It's on my wishlist, though, since it totally reminds me of bags from the 1950's, for some reason!
    I'd love to have it in black or red. It's quite large and fits a lot of things.
  3. really, too old? i thought it looked really good on the girl i saw holding it and she's a young one. maybe the way she dresses helps make the bag look younger.

    i have the red epi speedy 25, and i just adore the color so i'm sure the pont neuf will look nice in that as well. i wonder what it will look like in the new color cannelle (neutral brown).