epi pont-neuf, yea/nay?

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  1. Is this bag really too "mature" for a 22 year old girl (me!)? I think it's so novel looking... Especially in an "edgy" color like red.
  2. No way! One of my friends is in love with the Mandarin one..it's an adorable style you don't see all that often-very cute!
  3. I have a Pont Neuf in Toledo blue, and I love it. I can take it to work, and also for casual outings. The epi colours really 'pop'. It's a very user friendly bag, - holds a lot, and has extra compartments.

    I want one in another colour!
  4. I think it's a really cute style!
    I love the Damier Triana...which I think is very very similar to the Pont-Neuf.
    The Vanilla Pont-Neuf it TDF :drool:
  5. No, way...great bag!
  6. Love that bag, I´m 24 and would definitely carry it.
  7. Big fat YAY. I love the shape of this bag, so gorgeous IRL.
  8. No, it is not too mature for you.
  9. Doesn't seem like many people have this bag. Are there any bad things about it?
  10. It's so very cute, I love the shape !
  11. great bag!!
  12. Does her name start with a "P"? :ninja:

    The Pont-Neuf is an awesome bag... so not "mature" for you at all!!!
  13. I think it's a very nice bag!
    I love all epi!
  14. I like it.
  15. Nay for black or really neutral colors..i think it's really to mature!!

    but Yay!!for red!! absolutely :smile:
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