Epi Pochettes

  1. im confused. i know everyone's going to say yes hehe but i REALLY want to add the mandarin pochette and red to my collection before it goes up in price...

    what do you guys think??? do you think its price is going to go up alot???:blink:
  2. Get it! You'll love it!
  3. No, it won't be that much.
  4. it will probably only be $20-25 at the most
  5. It will only be a 5-7% price increase, so if you don't HAVE to have it now, it definitely can wait. However, with 2 price increases a year, only the lord knows what it will cost you next year!!!! ;)
  6. I would LOVE an Epi Pochette in Mandarin!!!:love:
  7. Get one before the increase and you can always buy the other later. The increase on the pochette isn't going to break the bank.
  8. oh yeah! totally agree - get one before the increase! and plus, the colour might be hard to come by later! get it!!!
  9. I just bought an epi pochette in Madarin. I absolutely love it. It works so well with so many things and is definitely a hot color for summer.

    Here is a picture of mine, with my doggy Austin.
    06 03 06 austin with louis.jpg
  10. adorable puppy and bag!
  11. OMG!!! lelgin, your doggy is ADORABLE!!! LOVE the pochette!!!
  12. Puppy, pochette and pocket square scarf are all SO cute!!!! :biggrin:
  13. I love the puppy how cute.
  14. I would love a mandarin pochette. I believe Becca4277 has one. The price increase is going to be 5-7%. For people like me, that's a lot.:biggrin:
  15. soo cute! i've been sitting on the fence about picking one up! they are gorgeous in that color!