Epi Pochette?

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  1. I was looking on Jill's Consignment site and saw this really beautiful blue epi pochette for a good price. I wanted to find out the original price and tried looking for it on elux or vuitton but no pics found. Is it discounted?? Sorry if its a dumb question, I'm still new at this. :flowers:
  2. Are you talking about the simple, regular Epi pochette?
    I didn't know that was discontinued..., but on an eBay auction, it says that "New retails for over $315"
  3. Yup just the simple regular epi pochette. This one!!!
  4. Yes, I believe it is around $300
  5. I'm so horrible...:confused1: even though I told myself I'll buy myself one present. I'm looking at all these other small items... I explained to my bf that 'its not for me! its for the bag! so it won't be lonely.' He now thinks I've gone over board... :s
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