Epi pochette..

  1. I just discovered the Epi Pochette on Elux... :nuts:

    I LOVE the red... absolutely gorgeous!!!

    My question... can it hold much? Can it hold as much as the other LV pochettes?

    ~Miss Juicy Couture~
  2. My Epi pochette holds less than the monogram pochette. The Epi is also flatter.
  3. i have the black epi pouchette and i use it for an evening bag. much slimmer than the pouchette.... good enough for keys and lipstick... too much makes it puffy.
  4. I Have The Red Epi Pochette. As Said Above It Is Flatter & Slimmer. Somewhat A Little More Structured (Is That The Word?). There Is Less Room. But, It's A Gorgeous Bag....Highly Recommend!
  5. hi ya
    i was just wondering - has your red faded??? become tired??? or is the colour still holding up pretty well????