Epi Pochette Montaigne - I WANT IT! Does anyone have a pic

  1. I saw the ivory epi pochette montaigne at the Austin, TX Saks. They only received one ivory and one black, and the black sold right away. I love it!!! I want it in black and have been googling it like crazy trying to find a pic, but haven't found any. It's beautiful!! They are finally opening a Neiman Marcus in Austin this Friday so I'm hoping if I'm there as soon as it opens I can get the black one. They should have at least one! If you have a pic PLEASE post it and send me a private message to let me know! Thanks
  2. yes, this bag really is gorgeous, ITA. i saw it in bloomingdale's, Saks, and 1 east 57th this weekend in ivoire and HAVE to have. i never thought i would fall so much in love with an epi piece, but $775 doesn't seem so steep for it! i love it!
  3. There are pics in the reference library in the thread spring 2006 2007 the summary.
  4. ^^ i think your code is messed up. all i see is letters and numbers
  5. you can see it on the louis vuitton web site. it's a very beautiful pochette :love: