Epi pochette, how is it?

  1. i'm really wanting an epi pochette but i was wondering if you are able to wear it on your shoulder. I have an porte-cles but i don't know if it would look good on the bag. Please post pictures if you have them
  2. I just sold mine, but yes you can wear it on your shoulder. It makes a great lil' evening bag. its very durable and easy to clean. Plus you can detach the strap and use it as a clutch, or you can use it as a wristlet (albeit a large one!)
  3. is the strap about the same length as the one on the PA monogram? I have that one and is was just a little to short so use the porte cles with it
  4. I've git the black Epi pochette and use it all the time, both day and night. I've got a smallish wallet which fits perfectly along with my mobile phone, keys, lipglosses and occasssionally my boyfriend's phone/ipod/wallet. It's really a great versatile bag
  5. I used to own an Epi pochette and in my experience, it was too small for me. My small cellphone made it look bulky so I sold it.
  6. Epi pochette is less roomy than the monogram. I guess this is so mainly because of the material, the epi has less "give" than the monogram. I added my old louis vuitton keychain that I no longer useat the end of the strap to lengthen it. Altough one caveat, I have a couple of friends who own an epi pochette, and we all experienced the strap splitting into 2.
  7. I have a black epi pochette. I needed an extender so it could sit comfortably on my shoulders. I've had it for years. It's very durable and can take a lot of abuse :biggrin:
  8. I love epi pochette. Great for evening.
  9. pursegalsf, could you please post a picture of your epi with the extender.
  10. You mean the strap came apart? Or did it divide down the middle? How expensive was it to replace it, or did LV do it for you?
  11. I have a black epi pochette that has always come in handy! its great...doesnt hold alot but good for events...