Epi Pochette advice

  1. I have the epi pochette in red and one coming to me in black. I would like to get a few more in other colours and I was considering the following from this seller. I emailed them regarding pic 6 in which the strap is coming apart. It stated it was in excellent condition. Anyway they emailed me back saying yes it was coming apart and they would glue it back together before it was sent out.
    My question is, is this normal? Or should I let this one go? Any help would be appreciated.
    eBay Australia: MPRS Louis Vuitton EPI Pochette Accessories Bag ~Blue (item 130089958562, end time 21-Mar-07 13:33:16 AEDST)
  2. I have heard that the straps do come apart. I have a mandarin epi pochette, and I figure, when the strap comes apart, I will attempt to glue it. If that does not work, I will just remove it and go "strapless". :jammin:
  3. Thanks Smith, I just wasn't sure if that was normal and the glue part I wasn't sure about. I love the mandarin colour, I hope to get one of those also.