Epi Pochette Accessoires

  1. I plan my next LV purchase to be a red epi pochette accessoires. I plan to just use as a pouch to keep my stuff together in my Speedy 30 and maybe use as an evening clutch.

    I was wondering if anyone has any pics of someone carrying it on their shoulder cuz I'm curious as to how it would look as a shoulder bag! Or if you have one do you use it as a shoulder bag?

  2. i'm sure there are pictures of some people with their Pochette Accessoires in the Visual Aids sticky. it always help to check that first :yes:
  3. Oh, I use these as shoulder bags all the time, I have two epi's and others as well....I do have pretty skinny arms though, and, when I was at LV yesterday I tried a black one on and it did seem like the strap and bag were shorter and smaller than my older ones, don't know why.....they use to come in two sizes and it made me wonder if the one I had on was the smaller size....it was a brand new one two, black with silver, so I wonder if they've changed it a little......If I can when I get home today I'll post a picture of myself with one on....
  4. I find it a little small to go over your shoulder too but the new pastilles extender would work perfectly if you need an excuse to buy anything else.
    Epi Pochette.JPG
  5. There are, but none of people carrying the epi one on their shoulder.:jammin:
  6. sometime it's hard to take your own pic from the side..