EPI Petit Noe

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  1. I have this bag in Mono and use it all the time. I use it so much that it really has aged. With that said, I am hoping that I can buy an Epi Petit Noe--they just seem to be more resilient than Mono. What color would be the best buy. Just so you know, I am 5'3" and have a completely average body structure.

  2. hi petite noe is my favourite LV design :nuts:. i like cannelle for epi :heart:. ivoire is great too!!!
  3. I LOVE yellow epi (esp. in Noe). Good luck with your decision and let us know what you end up with!
  4. Hi, either ivoire or cannelle would be nice.
  5. Red! :smile:
  6. red for me too.
  7. Yes:yes: And if you like more neutral colours, cannelle and other (discontinued) shades of brown are great.
  8. I love the red or black in the Epi Noe!
  9. I love the red in the Petit Noe, but the Ivoire is gorgeous too!
  10. i LOVE the red epi. but i like it with the gold hardware better...