Epi Petit Noe sighting in stock photo :D

  1. How funny!
  2. That is to cool.
  3. OMG! That is too funny!

    It's so classy and discrete only a trained eye like yours would know it's Louis Vuitton.
  4. Good eye!
  5. hehe. the things i run into while trying to do my work :p
  6. hi ichelle! funny, i also use these websites for my job and i do find some pretty interesting LV pics.
  7. picture wise those are great!
  8. great photo but it's not the petite noe ...it's Noe ( larger size) you can tell from the bottom =]
  9. How amusing. You have good eyes. ;)
  10. Very cool. The stylist on that shoot has good taste!!
  11. Whatever size, it's a cool pic!